may allah reward u for ur excellent work, well the zindagi nau should be more and more informative and we should lay emphasis in developing the persons and try to shape their personalities as per quran and sunnah and that is the only way to success .
Showkat Ahmad , AL-khobar, KSA - 02 October 2010

Let us move with the world.
May Allah bless the editers,co-workers,participants, readers,promoters
Mohammed Moosa Qadry , almadeenah almunawwara, KSA - 19 August 2010

alhamdolilah its a best initiative and i appreciate.
may allah give you success here and hereafter.wassalam.
I.A.Malik, Aurangabad M.S, India - 30 July 2010

Assalamu alaikum

Thanks for the great news. Another bright feather in the cap of this team.
May Allah bless them and amply reward them for their selfless efforts.

M H Zulqarnain, Riyadh

Asalam o alaikum

Excellent layout, elegant by not using many colours it matches the taste of readers too.

Faheem Ahmed, Abu Dhabi

Salam wa Rahmah,

Jazakalla o khair !

I visited the site   www.zindgienau.com
This is one of the finest Design of any Megazine I have seen so far.
The contents are also very Authentic and useful.
And due to less colors used and less Graphics, it is very fast to open and easy to surf.

Once again ... May Allah Reward you for it in this world and Aakhira.

Abid Ather / Abdul Qader Basha, UAE

the work is a good development.


Janab, Assalam alaikum WRB

Allah Swt may accept your good deeds, your passion & dedication for benifiting the cause of Islam by your professional talents and the hard work behind that.
Again the website of Zindagi e nau needs no praise, it is as it should be from a professional like you.
Allah SWT may more popularise these publications, give them the utmost success in their mission.
Saifulla Shareef, Dammam, Saudi Arabia


I highly appreciate your initiative to launch the on-line edition of Zindagienau. Your effort to have a Unicode version is remarkable. Keep you the good work and may almighty Allah accept your initiative.
If you can put some forum to discuss on the various topic of the issue it will attract more people since their voice can be heard.
If you intend to add a voice version of the same it will be great because people like me would like to hear it instead of reading it as it saves time and effort.


Tariq Jaleel PMP

Assalamu-Alikum Wa Rahmatullah

Brother Irfan,

Appreciate your work. It is nicely mapped out. 

AbdulWahab Mulla

Assalamu alaikum
Very beautiful, unique, and user friendly.

Mohammed Atharulla Shareef,